Games copyright David Kershaw/DK Simulations 2002-2011

iOS and Android games: (All available on iOS iTunes app store, Google Play, Amazon app store, some on Nook)

Wargame: Poland 1939. Free hex and counter wargame of this battle.iOS Play Amazon

Wargame: France 1940. Huge hex and counter wargame with over 300 units (divisions mostly) covering not just France, but also Belgium and Holland. Includes alternative starting options for both Germans and Allies. USD 2.99 iOS Play Amazon

Wargame: Sicily 1943. Covers the whole Island of Sicily. Options are given to explore both Allied and Axis reinforcement levels, and alternative landing sites. USD 1.99 iOS Play Amazon Nook

Wargame: Korsun 1944. In development. This will be a free game covering the 1944 Soviet operation to surround the Axis forces, and the subsequent breakout.iOS Play Amazon

Wargame: Korea 1950. In development. Will cover the invasion, UN counterattack and invasion, and then the Chinese intervention.iOS Play Amazon

Android-only games: (All available on Google Play, Most available on Amazon app store and Nook app shop)

Barbarossa Android: This was the first ever Android wargame, at least based on a historical war. It is effectively the Android version of Barbarossa solitaire boardgame below. Costs 50p GBP on Play.

Korean War: Hex wargame covering the Korean war of the 1950s. Free version on Play covers the war up to the Chinese intervention and the paid version covers the entire war for GBP£1 on Play, Amazon or Nook.

Yugoslavia 1941: Free hex wargame on Play covering the Axis invasion of Yugoslavia in 1941. Based on Unternehmung 25: V-Mail Postcard Game #2 avilable from

Rommel in Africa. Hex wargame of North Africa in the Second World War. A free version on Play has 3 scenarios. The full version has 8 scenarios. GBP£1 on Play, Amazon and Nook

German Eagle vs Russian Bear. Free hex wargame on Play. Whole Eastern front with scenarios determining start point. Actual boardgame can be printed off, assembled and played - from webpage,

Napoleonics: Quatre Bras. A bit like classic Napoleonic maps, with lines facing each other. Has a free demo version on Play and full paid version of this 1815 battle on Play, Amazon and Nook.

Napoleonics: Waterloo. Big brother of Quatre Bras!

Wargame: Bull Run 1861. Free hex wargame of this battle.

Wargame: Gettysburg 1863. Bigger hex wargame of this battle.

Board wargames

Vietnam Solitaire - special edition. A solitaire grand strategy game of the Vietnamses war of the 1960s-70s. The game is available as a physical boardgame (with laser-cut counters), or print and play.

Barbarossa Solitaire. A solitaire game simulating the struggle between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union on the Eastern Front 1941-45. The player takes control of the Nazi forces against a simulated Soviet opponent. Over time, the players forces gradually weaken and Soviet attacks increase - can you do better than history? Game costs US$3 from

Solitaire Casesar. A solitaire game simulating almost 2000 years of Roman history, from the early days and the struggle with Hannibal to the fall of the Byzantine empire in 1453 - or can you do better?

ACW Solitaire. A solitaire grand strategy game of the American Civil war. You must defeat the confederacy using a variety of strategies: Blockade, closing ports, cutting off the Mississippi, capturing terrain. A physical version is in the making.

Imperium Romanum Lite. A game for 2-5 players (depending on scenario). The game is a province based simulation of Ancient Rome and her struggles, both internally and with surrounding foes.

Saxon Shore. A game for 2+ players. Dark Ages Britain - raid your neighbours or develop your provinces the ways to victory are many: perhaps you'll even consider converting to Christianity!

Re-Route - The Marching Season Game. A game for 3 players set in Northern Ireland around the 12th of July during the 1990s Drumcree protests. As a Republican, as a Loyalist or, as the RUC, can you win/batter the hearts and minds of the people to your way ot thinking? A province based map - players play cards in response to one anothers actions. Will you re-route that March?

Wargame rules

Assault Gun: One base is one regiment infantry or one batallion of tanks. Enables large scale actions to be fought. Has 3 scenarios.